Design Possibilities for External Metal Wall Panels


When building or renovating a home, the desired exterior aesthetic plays a large role in project specifications and requirements. External metal wall panel material also plays a crucial role in safety, energy efficiency, and longevity. When it comes to gathering up your architects to map out the design of your home, you will be met with endless possibilities.


What material should I use for my external metal wall panels?

Metal wall panel fabrication is possible with aluminum, steel, zinc, copper, and more. Each material offers its own benefit and visual impact.

At Viotell, we recommend metal wall panels for seven primary reasons:

  • – Style and design flexibility
  • – Energy efficient (ideal when you live in a climate such as Park City)
  • – Durability
  • – Fire resistant
  • – Prevent moisture
  • – Cost effective
  • – Low maintenance (naturally protects against mold, erosion, and integrity breaches)


What types of finishes are available for metal wall panels?



1. Natural Steel

2. PDF Paint Coating

3. Textured Paint

4. Copper

5. Brushed


6. Embossed 


7. Perforated 

What customization options do I have with metal wall panels?

  • – Color: This can play into the finish you selected but otherwise your metal wall panels can be coated or painted to achieve the desired aesthetic.
  • – Shape: Whether you want flat, corrugated, ribbed, perforated, or something completely custom.
  • – Texture and Patterns: From geometric patterns to abstract design, your metal wall panel can include a little bit of visual interest if you wish.


Other possibilities with metal wall panels

When we said metal wall panels have design and style flexibility, we weren’t kidding. Not only do you have all of the customization options to mull over, but also the ability to integrate technology using LED lighting, solar panels, or digital displays.

How important is sustainability to you? Metal wall panels are able to integrate environmentally friendly features such as:

  • – Rainwater harvesting systems to whisk any rainwater from your roof and store it for later.
  • – Green walls to make your dream of a wall garden come to life.
  • – Passive solar designs to harness energy from the sun and feed it into your home.



When you construct the exterior of your home utilizing metal wall panels, you open yourself up to a world of options. Working with an experienced general contractor and crew of builders, architects, and designers make your project a surefire success. If you’d like to start the conversation for your next project, reach out to us here.

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