Cost Effective Wall Panel Installations


Are you in the process of developing a budget and specification plan for your upcoming building project? While the installation of wall panels is just one aspect of the broader construction puzzle, it’s a crucial area where costs can either accumulate or be saved, depending on your approach. This article aims to provide insights into reducing expenses and enhancing quality for your next project.


Create a Cost-Effective Project Plan

Before embarking on your project, map out any features or special considerations your commercial or residential building may require. Creating a list of project requirements gives your general contractor and architect the information to create a project schedule. This also minimizes rework or delays in the construction schedule as things get going.


Engage a Reliable Contractor from the Outset

Talk to your network and scour local listings to find an experienced general contractor who can manage your construction project successfully. General contractors in your area will have strong working relationships with reliable building companies.

Viotell’s craftsmen are experts in the design, fabrication, assembly and installation of custom roof and facade systems in Utah. A trusted contractor and credible construction company help you understand and adhere to local building codes, procure needed materials in a cost-effective manner, and more.


Choose Your Materials Wisely

The right materials have a significant impact on the project timeline, cost, and outcome. ACM, or Aluminum Composite Material, is a low maintenance and cost effective option. It’s also our top recommendation, and here’s why.

ALUCOBOND is a trusted architectural cladding supplier who can supply all of your ACM needs. While the upfront cost of an ALUCOBOND Plus panel may be larger than other materials you see on the market, you’re paying for higher quality material. This means less maintenance costs incurred down the road and long-term savings.

Some benefits of using an ALUCOBOND panel include:

  • – Mitigation of metal phenomenon “oil canning”
  • – Lightweight
  • – Durable
  • – 100% recyclable
  • – Zero VOCs emitted in use
  • – EPD in compliance with International ISO Standards
  • – Multiple customization options
  • – Known to mitigate oil canning

Viotell is a partner of ALUCOBOND, a trusted architectural cladding supplier for over 50 years.

We understand the importance of colors and finishes when it comes to each job. That’s why there’s four different ALUCOBOND collections to choose from, depending on what you’re prioritizing.

The Classic Collection

Color plays an integral role in the architectural environment; the timeless palette in our Classic Collection reflects your passion for what’s possible. From classic neutrals to biophilic hues, this line offers a wide range of options to help you give shape to great ideas.

The Natural Collection

Biophilic design conceptualizes space in a way that acknowledges the human need to connect with nature. The finishes in the Natural Collection amplify the organic beauty and character of different elements & materials found in the world around us.

The Spectra Collection

To add a dynamic element of fascination and movement to any architectural facade, these transitional finishes celebrate the natural color shifts that occur in the world around us – from raw natural elements to the glowing luster and sheen found in modern alloys and luxury finishes.

The Anodized Collection

In addition to the strength and high-quality appearance that come standard with our collections, this line uses the anodizing process to enhance the intrinsic clarity and beauty of aluminum while creating a harder, smoother, more durable surface.


In navigating the ALUCOBOND collections, our expertise as trusted partners enables us to offer informed guidance tailored to your specific needs. Whether prioritizing budget, quality, or aesthetics, we are equipped to assist you in making the most prudent and high-quality choices. For further assistance, please reach out to us here.

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