Best Exterior Wall Panels For Your Home in Park City, UT

Are you building a home in Park City, Utah or the surrounding neighborhoods such as Glenwild or Deer Crest? When determining the aesthetic of your home, you’ll want to review the different types of exterior wall panels. In this article, we dive into our top nine exterior wall cladding recommendations for your home in “Winter’s Favorite Town”.

Composite Wall Panels

ACM, or Aluminium Composite Material, is a low maintenance and cost effective option for a home, especially in Park City’s climate. ACM requires a complicated installation, so working with a professional to ensure they are installed correctly is essential.

ACM wall panels have several aesthetic options. If you work with Viotell, we are partnered with ALUCOBOND which offers several customization options including:

  • – Custom layout
    – Custom width
    – Custom length
    – Endless color options


Steel exterior wall panels are another great option when building a home in a Utah city. Steel wall panels are strong and long-lasting in extreme climates — even more so as you adjust the gauge measure of your steel wall panel.

Whether you are going with a paint coated steel or looking for a natural steel finish at Viotell we offer a wide range of gauges for exterior metals to meet your projects aesthetic need:

  • – 24 gauge (lightest, most economical)
    – 16 gauge
    – 14 gauge
    – 11 gauge (thickest)

Please reach out to us with your aesthetic requirements.

Steel is a heavy material, so working with an expert to ensure your home can support it is essential.


Faux Brick

Brick wall panels give your home the brick aesthetic but significantly cut cost, reduce maintenance requirement, and eliminate weight strain on your home from actual brick. These faux brick panels come in a variety of similar textures to brick to deliver the rugged, earthy look many desire.

However, if you’re a Park City resident, keep in mind these can discolor over time with moisture from snow, ice, or significant rain.



If you opt to use vinyl exterior wall panels in your Park City home, keep in mind this particular material does not withstand extreme weather, which could lead to increased costs or needing to redo work down the road. Vinyl wall panels are often produced with harmful chemicals making this a less environmentally friendly option.

However, these are quick to install, keep costs low, and most suppliers will have an endless range of style and design to match your home vision.



Wood wall panels can create a lively, natural aesthetic for the exterior of your home. They are naturally insulated, which is especially helpful during the long winters. It is also, as one may guess, extremely durable.

Considerations to keep in mind if using wood exterior wall panels is water penetration from snow, ice, and rain leading to decay and the warping of wood if not properly sealed.

Wood is also a fire hazard, so if you go this route, work with a professional who can apply a fire-retardant coding and ensure you’re in compliance with local fire codes.



If your vision for your home includes stone exterior walls, here are a few things to keep in mind. On one hand, stone is fire resistant, durable, and you can’t deny its aesthetic appeal.

On the other hand, the weight of stone panels can have a significant impact on the foundation of your home. Work with a trusted contractor to ensure you have the structural requirements to support stone wall panels. Stone isn’t easily malleable, so you may not be able to shape and form each and every stone to your liking.


Fiber Cement 

Fiber cement exterior wall panels are another option to consider. The aesthetic options for fiber cement go on and on: from texture to cut to design. Fiber cement has a higher upfront cost but shouldn’t require much maintenance.

However, these do have a complicated installation process for two primary reasons:

  1. Fiber cement needs to be applied with certain chemicals. These chemicals are a health hazard, requiring one to wear PPE for application.
  2. Similar to stone, the weight and size of fiber cement require professional equipment. Working with a trusted contractor to get this installed is a must.



Stucco exterior wall panels are a less common option, but one to consider nonetheless. Stucco’s smooth appearance requires very little maintenance, is a natural insulator, and naturally fire resistant. The main drawback for using stucco in Utah’s climate is these wall panels are susceptible for moisture damage from ice, snow, and rain.



Aluminum exterior wall panels are different from composite aluminum material (ACM). This is a pure aluminum wall panel. Since aluminum can be recycled and used again, this is the most environmentally friendly option on the list.

But, pure aluminum has high thermal conductivity, making it the least efficient option when it comes to your energy bills.

Installing aluminum exterior wall panels is a delicate installation process because aluminum is sensitive and can be fractured and punctured easily. Working with an expert is the best way to avoid this.


Looking for an expert opinion on which material is best for your project? Or looking for an expert to assist with installation? You can reach out to Viotell, Utah’s Trusted Metal Expert, by clicking here.

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